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The Kansas School Counselor Association invites all school counselors and counseling students to join KSCA. We hope you will find information and resources to assist you in our common goal to collaboratively address the mental health needs and support the academic, career, and social-emotional development of each student in Kansas.

KSCA, a state division of ASCA, is the professional association for school counselors in Kansas. KSCA is uniquely designed to provide both preventive and developmental instruction, support, and services within an educational setting. Through the management and delivery of school counseling core curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services, our programs focus on both student and professional competencies developed for and within our schools. Kansas counselors use data to demonstrate the impact of Kansas school counseling programs on student achievement, attendance, and behavior to guide future action and improve results for all students.

Thank you for visiting the Kansas School Counseling website and KSCA to learn more about the school counseling profession. We value the opportunity to work closely with individuals and organizations that promote student mental health and achievement. There are many exciting opportunities ahead to grow through our service in the areas of leadership, collaboration, and advocacy. We hope you will join us!

Dr. Judy Hughey, NCC

KSCA President 2018-2019

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Counselor Education

Kansas State University jhughey@ksu.edu 785-532-5527 (office)

785-532-8905 (cell)

Fall Happenings!

Exciting news from ASCA Legislative Affairs!


Please contact your member of congress to urge support for the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Act, S. 3427/H.R. 6775. This bill will provide grant funding to states to address the nationally established staffing ratios of school counselors, school psychologists and school social workers. The current school counselor to student ratio is 1:464, nearly double the recommendation of 1:250.

ASCA has prepared the link below to facilitate communication with Senators and Representatives.


Check the news on our Advocacy page and PLEASE contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators. A fabulous opportunity is before us! Let our voices ring!


It has been a busy summer for Kansas school counselors. First, school counselors attended Building the Future in the Little Apple, School Counseling Camp in Manhattan. In July six KSCA leaders attended ASCA LDI for leadership and professional development. We were then joined by many others of our Kansas colleagues for a total of approximately 26 Kansas counselors attending the 2018 ASCA Conference in LA! Following a great time in LA, we returned to Kansas ready to plan for a new year and a new beginning in KSCA! Please join us in our journey down a new road designed to enable all to grow and thrive.

Upcoming Events

KSDE/Emporia University Counseling Conference, Nov. 1, 2018: Dr. Russ Sabella, Keynote Speaker

KCA Conference, March 7-8, 2019, Lawrence

KSU/KSCA/KSDE Summer Counseling Camp, May 28-29, 2019, Hilton Garden Inn, Manhattan

ASCA Webinars




The mission of KSCA is to promote the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs, advancing and insuring quality academic, career, and social-emotional development of all students by licensed school counselors.