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Hello. I am a school counselor or school counseling student at _______________School and a constituent in your district, and because I see the serious issues being addressed in schools today, I am paying close attention to the Kansas Legislature this year. I am specifically concerned about the lack of P-12 licensed school counselors and barriers to loan forgiveness for school counselors. Are you aware that the Kansas death by suicide rate has been higher than the national rate since 2002? Research supports that implementing a comprehensive program with a licensed school counselor positively impacts the social emotional and mental health of ALL P-12 students. I know your position requires making many difficult decisions, but I hope you will make decisions that make a difference in the lives of all Kansans, perhaps even save lives.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you regarding the role and expertise of a licensed school counselor. Please feel free to contact me. We thank you for your service to our state.


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Elementary & Secondary School Counseling Act, S. 3427/H.R. 6775: Contact your members of Congress to request they support the new Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Act! This bill will provide grant funding to states to address the nationally established staffing ratios of school counselors, school psychologists and school social workers. The current school counselor to student ratio is 1:464, nearly double the recommendation of 1:250.

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