COVID-19 Updates and Resources

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KSCA Webinar- Virtual School Counseling

A link to the recording on Youtube is here.

Resources created for the webinar:

Frequently Asked Questions

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Best Practices

All other resources that are referenced during the webinar can be found on this page or in the KSCA Google Drive Document found below.

If you still have a specific question or feel that you need some direct support, please fill out this School Counselor Support and Q & A Google Form and someone will contact you shortly.

Recording of the KSCA Webinar- Virtual School Counseling

KSCA Google Drive Folder with Resources

Each folder has resources for you to download and use.

You'll need to make a copy and save to your own drive to make edits

Kansas Continuous Learning Resources and Best Practices

Guidance from the Kansas State Board of Education and from KSCA

Continuous Learning Task Force Guidance.pdf

Continuous Learning Task Force Guidance

Link to the Continuous Learning 2020-SEL website full of resources


Here is a wonderful example of how one Kansas School Counselor is connecting to her students. Thank you Nicole for sharing!


Hatching Results Self-Paced Courses Now FREE


7 Minute Mindfulness

YouTube Video from a Middle School Counselor

Lists Compiled by Others

The resources in these lists have not been vetted by members of the KSCA board

Resources for Parents